Association of Christian Writers

‘Cotswold Scribblers’ is the regional ACW group for the Cotswold area, and meet in Cheltenham once every quarter.

At a meeting members are given a subject on which they have to write a piece before the next meeting.

At a meeting the members read their pieces in turn and the others can comment on their offerings. We have a time where we can share and help others in the writing to publishing process. We open with devotions and close by eating our packed lunches together.

Having a subject given to you, tends to stretch your mind in areas you wouldn’t normally write about, but this helps to strengthen your writing skills and build your confidence in dealing with unfamiliar areas.

Items presented to Cotswold  Scribblers:

  • Nov 2015           ‘A Still Small Voice’                     ‘Twas in the Night
  • Feb 2016            ‘New Life’                                       A Journey to Efilwen
  • May 2016           ‘Silent, Solace, Treasure’        Silence!
  • July 2016           ‘Desert, Lullaby, North, Pattern, Ribbon’ + made-up name, + a name   that conjures up a well known person.          Reliving the Dream
  • Sept 2016           A bible verse on ‘Wings’         Carried on Eagles Wings
  • Nov 2016            A favourite Hymn/Song          See from His head, His hands, His Feet