Ben Gander

Ben Gander is an accountant and an avid artist, having produced various murals for children’s bedrooms, a pub and a toyshop. As well as selling various cartoons, caricatures and portraits.
Additionally, Ben is an author in his own right, having published OCD & Me, a semi-autobiographical story based on his struggles with and eventual conquering of OCD.”
Illustrator of:   Clive the Magic Camel at the Zoo

Marion Johnson

My name is Marion Johnson I have really enjoyed sketching and painting Clive the Magic Camel and his new friends.
I have always loved drawing and painting animals. I was born in Stroud but grew up in Wales surrounded by lovely countryside and lots of animals as my parents had a smallholding.
I think all animals have individual characters and personalities so I like to capture their expressions on paper, particularly dogs and horses.
I now live in Gloucestershire with my lovely partner Peter,2 cats and occasionally my daughters collie.
 I work part time as a nurse and help Peter to renovate our new home when I’m not painting pet portraits.
Illustrator of:   Clive the Magic Camel at the Seaside

Brenda Riddle

Brenda is the leader of the Sheppey Art Goup which meets at Sheppey Evangelical Church, Sheppey Evangelical Church, Leysdown, Isle of Sheppey.
Illustrator of:   Peter and the Rice Pudding                                                                       Peter and His Boat

Margo Searle

Ebley Art Group PaintingMargo is a prolific artist and the leader of Ebley Art Group which meets at Ebley Chapel, Stroud, Stroud.

Illustrator of:    Ollie the Onion                                                                                           Perky Pea                                                                                                        Suzy Sprout                                                                                                      Crunchie Carrot