Crunchie Carrot

Illustrations received from Margo Searle

The book is currently being assembled.

Suzy Sprout Book Launch & Signing at Merrywalks Shopping Mall, Stroud  4th March.                                                                          Invited on 2nd March (World Book Day) to Al Khair School, Oldbury, Birmingham for a second time.


January 2017:

Took Assembly at Cashes Green School Stroud 18th.               Invited to All Saints National Academy, Walsall.                       Booked to go to Longney School, Gloucester  on 3rd March

28th December: ‘Suzy Sprout’ Book published.

17th October: Invited to Amberley Primary School for the celebration of 125th Anniversary of the schools library on Wednesday 11th January.

1st October: DalesTales shop now open. Use the link to take you there for: Children’s and Adult T-shirts, baby gifts and other interesting accessories, each sporting one of the DalesTales characters.

15th September: Just received the initial illustrations for ‘Suzy Sprout’.

30th August: Received a second invite to read more of my stories to the pupils of Al Khair School, Oldbury, Birmingham. Date and programme to be arranged.

31st July: ‘Reliving the Dream’ – The ‘Cotswold Scribblers’ July project was added to the ACW page.

21st July: ‘Stories of Hope’ a new publication (which includes an item from our author) has been added as a new page on the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab.

 5th July:  ‘Crunchie the Carrot’ is our latest vegetable book currently being written.