Kelvin Jaward, Sierra Leone. (via LinkedIn)

I love your books.

Michelle Skidmore, All-Saints Primary Academy, Boxwich, Walsall

Hi Clive, We thought the day was wonderful. The children thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much for visiting our school and working with the children, Kind regards Michelle

Neelam Hussain, Al Khair School, Oldury, Birmingham

Thank you Clive it was great to have you at our school, we look forward to seeing you again soon. I have some pictures for you, also I will let you know in regards of books how many we will like to order. Thanks again

Sue Addison, Head Teacher, Cavendish Junior School, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

“Yesterday went well I thought. The children enjoyed your visit – so thanks.”

Mr William Davis, Bushmead School, Luton

Believe me Mr ‘Clive’ – the pleasure was all ours! I have had so many glowing comments from children and adults who loved your stories and the way that you presented them. Our book week next year will be about the same time – so if you are free to return then I’d love to have you back!  Certainly the name Clive Dale will be an inspiration for a generation of avid readers in Luton

Emmanuelle Floquet Stockholm, Sweden

I love the image of that book you are giving. It is important for kids to get some kind of moral guidance in their stories as parents don t always think about doing it themselves or cannot do it… Bravo for your contribution in making these little souls wiser!

St Paul’s C of E School, Hereford (magazine)

Clive Dale author and grandfather of two of our children in school, read his story ‘Clive the Magic Camel at the Zoo’ this week. It was wonderful to see the children laughing at the development of this strange animal. Children from every class then asked him questions such as:
What inspired him? How does he start writing? How long does it take him from writing to publishing? He then worked with Y4 on their own story writing….. If any parent would like to purchase the book (ideal for children hearing you read to them or for just reading independently) please ask.

Brenda Riddle, Sheppey, Kent

Gave your book ‘Johnny and the Rice Pudding’ to a family in Georgia, USA with 3 red headed little boys, one who’s name happens to be Johnny. They used the recipe that evening and loved it, never having eaten rice pudding before. Couldn’t wait to tell you, ‘Your internationally famous’ now.

Sarah, Milford VA, USA

“I have an 8 and a 9 year old daughter. They read the book together and they really enjoyed reading it. They had so much fun sounding out the animals’ names.
This would be a great book for the author to present at a school and read to students and celebrate everyone’s differences. We had a local author come to our school that did that and the children loved it. This is the perfect book for such a presentation and for children to learn about writing. I look forward to checking out more books from the author.”

Mary Jane Calara, London

“Great book, the moral lesson is not just for children but for grown- ups too. Proud to have one! Thanks Clive Dale!”

Janet O’Shea, St Ives, Cornwall

“Nina, Morgan, Finley and Aidan really enjoyed this book. It was funny when mummy couldn’t pronounce the words! We are looking forward to reading Clive at the seaside.”

Colin Morgan, Bristol

“Great story with brilliant illustrations. My grandchildren ages 7 and 9 just love Clive the Camel they think he is so cute. Hope the next adventure is just as good.”