Silence! … … … … … … … … … … … … shouted the teacher as he entered the room.
Silence I say! … … … … ‘You’re making more noise than the rest of us.’ I thought.
This got me thinking, what did he mean by silence? My dictionary tells me that it is the ‘absence of noise’, but if he wanted no noise at all then he would not keep on talking. After that I was aware that wherever I was, and whatever I was doing, I could always hear something.
Where could I find this silence? I decided the best time would be in my bedroom at 3am. Hopefully, there will be no external noise and I can lie quietly in my bedroom.
When my alarm woke me up at 3am, I switched it off, made sure I was in a comfortable position on my bed so I didn’t have to move at all. It seemed to work at first because I could hear nothing, but as I concentrated on what I could hear, it was not silent.
I realised I could hear my blood being pumped through my head.
Bmm bmm, bmm bmm, bmm, bmm.
Oh no! I will never be silent. My teacher will never have a chance of me being silent for him or anyone else.  
This made me think even more. Was there silence before the ‘Big Bang’?
They tell me that there was nothing there before the ‘Big Bang’. If that is so there was no silence, because there was nowhere to hold the silence.
Now! … I’ve never really believed in the ‘Big Bang’ theory. How can nothing create a little bang, let alone a big one?
So what about creation. Was there silence beforehand?
When I look into my manual it tells me that God spoke everything into existence, so he definitely spoke before creation.
I decided to look up ‘silence’ in my manual, because I find it tells me all I need to know about everything .
Well, what I saw surprised me, the few reference I checked on ‘silence’ and ‘silenced’ was all about ‘shutting mouths’ and not speaking.  
Now I know what my teacher really meant: ‘Stop talking’; ‘Do not Talk’.
I wonder why he didn’t that?
If he had told us to ‘Stop talking’, I would have known immediately.
If silence does not exist, the best we can do is to be quiet in the quietest place we can.
Like my bedroom at 3am.
There it was peaceful. I was at peace, and I was on my own. I had also discovered that I had found an inner peace.
I had found solace, because although alone I was comfortable and no worries. 
When I looked up ‘solace’ in my dictionary and it said ‘comfort or consolation in a time of great distress or sadness.’
Well, I wasn’t distressed before, I was just trying to find silence, but instead found ‘solitude’.
If I am ‘in distress’, ‘worried’, or ‘sad’, in the future, I will now know what to do.
Solitude is something I am going to treasure throughout my life as I am sure there will be a time that I will need it.
My manual tells me to ‘treasure such things in my heart’, just as Mary did.
I ought to thank my teacher, because if he hadn’t shouted ‘Silence’ to us that day, I wouldn’t have found that treasure of Solitude.