‘Twas in the Night

‘Twas in the night when there’s no sound
What I heard was fairly loud
It was not them
It was not me
On that, we would all agree
‘Twas in the night I heard the sound
Not through my ears, but it was loud
It was not them
It was not me
O there was no-one I could see
‘Twas in the night I heard it clear
It did not seem to disappear
It’s not for them
It was for me?
I wonder who was telling me
‘Twas in the night, must write it down
Turned on the light and wrote it
Was it for them?
Was it for me?
I wonder who it’s meant for
‘’Twas in the night, although no light
It dawned on me. The answer
It was for me
It was for me
It was from, the Master.
‘Twas in the night it dawned on me
The Holy Spirit guided me
It was not you
It was not me
With my eyes closed, I now could see
‘Twas in the night He spoke to me
O glory be, O glory be
It was not you
It was not me
It was the Lord, O glory be
‘Twas on the night the Spirit came
I saw the light; I saw it plain
With my ears closed
I heard it clear
The night the Holy Spirit came
‘Twas in the night he gave me this
So listen please or else you’ll miss
It was for you
It was for me
I’ll listen when he speaks to me
‘Twas that night, I learnt a lesson
God talks to me and I must listen
He talks to me
He talks to you
Believe me, I know, it’s true.
© Copyright 2015 Clive Dale

How the above came to me

On Friday 23rd October 2015 my wife, Sandra and I went to Swansea for a weekend. Up until then I had not thought about the item for the next meeting of Cotswold Scribblers – the local group of the Association of Christian Writers (ACW).
I logged into my emails using my tablet and read the email about this meeting and saw the subject was:
‘A Voice in the Wilderness’
During the night around 3am, I woke with three verses in my head. I got out of bed and scribbled them down quickly on the nearest paper to hand.
I checked them out in the morning and I was happy with them and felt it was a good start.
On Saturday, my wife Sandra suggested that I needed to have a book by the side of the bed to jot down any thoughts I might have.
Early Monday morning, about 6am I woke with four more verses and some other pieces for another. On Monday evening I typed the complete verses into my laptop and created two more verses using the other pieces.
On Tuesday, evening I checked the printout and added verse ten.
In the 6th, 7th, and 8th verses I changed each ‘them’ to ‘you’. This was because the ‘them’ referred to someone or someone unknown in the first 4 verses, whereas, in the last 5 verses, God is obviously talking to His children.
Not only did the above poem fit the requirement for our meeting, it also described my amazing experience during those two nights.
© Copyright 2015 Clive Dale